Maybe a tent?

I demand progress and results. When neither seem forthcoming, I push harder. Maybe we buy our land now, live in a tent the rest of the summer while the Amish build us a shed that I can then finish into a cabin. Seemed plausible. Let’s see how hard it can be. The nearest place of […]

Lobster Roll

Lobster Rolls

After freeing ourselves of all of Uhaul’s equipment we went in search of lunch. A quick search on Google resulted in us going to Nicky’s Cruisin Diner. The parking lot was packed, always a good sign. The inside was styled like a fast food joint in the 70’s. Booths were appointed with plain bench seats […]

Unload & Lock

Our first morning in Maine was a Sunday and no storage unit facilities up in The County were open. Being that I simply can’t sit still, we decide that Bangor was close enough and got a unit with Uhaul in the area. With so much stuff and so little time to return the truck and […]