How far did we go?

From the day we left for Maine on June 30th till we returned on August 9th, we had traveled a grand total of 10,616 miles. This doesn’t take into account the miles we racked up while in Maine looking for property. Conservatively, that would have been at least another 1,500 miles. Oh, we also took a side trip on the first leg to the middle of Ohio to check out Lehman’s. All told, we did around 13K miles in a little over five weeks.

First Leg, WA to ME, 3424mi

As previously stated, our route to Maine facilitated a visit to Steph’s sister and a side trip to Lehman’s.

Second Leg, ME to SD, 1810mi

The second leg represents the trip to Sioux Falls to get our domicile changed and find a RV.

Third Leg, SD to ME, 2011mi

The third leg was us visiting a spot I lived in the 80’s in Iowa, traveling to OH to get the RV, and a side trip in PA to see the LEER factory outlet before getting back to Maine.

Fourth Leg, ME to WA, 3371mi

The fourth leg is us coming back to WA from ME with a stop in Sioux Falls.

We drove from Bangor to Houlton, to Caribou and Presque Isle many times.

We stayed in hotels in Caribou, Presque Isle and Bangor prior to getting the RV. Our storage unit was in the Bangor area. We got to know I-95 pretty well. I took at least two trips on my own, without Steph, to run the drone over some property we were interested in near New Sweden. That’s even closer to the northern border with Canada.

Our largest daily expense while traveling wasn’t hotels or food, but fuel. Most of the time we traveled in two vehicles. Steph’s Mustang will easily get over 30mpg on regular gas, but the truck ranged between 19mpg and 9mpg depending on whether or not I was towing. The U-Haul truck was gasoline and it’s mpg was abysmal. Probably less than 9mpg.

Not only were we exhausted but so was my finances. If I had to do it all over again, I’d have liquidated our possessions, bought an RV locally to live in, kept my job at Intel and took a plane to ME on weekends to look at properties. Then, when cash permitted, bought or built a house on acreage that we owned outright. We never would have moved all our useless stuff to ME and wasted all that time and money gallivanting across the US. Ah, hindsight….you laughing asshole you.