Unload & Lock

Our first morning in Maine was a Sunday and no storage unit facilities up in The County were open. Being that I simply can’t sit still, we decide that Bangor was close enough and got a unit with Uhaul in the area. With so much stuff and so little time to return the truck and trailers, we go with two units side by side. I figured we could condense it down to one later. We got a free month on one of them so it wouldn’t cost too much.

It was around 93F and even though we’d been sitting on our butts the last few days of driving, there had not been enough time to recuperate from putting everything into the trucks. Several breaks had to be taken, a food run, and time spent making sure the cats were ok helped make it an all day affair.

Just as it was getting dark with only about half an hour of work left to do, we were attacked. Thousands of mosquitoes swarmed us as the last bit of the truck was being unloaded. I had dozens of bites all over my neck, face, arms and lower legs. Steph was equally miserable. We started to just throw our stuff in any way it would fit just so the torture would end.

The morning after Mosquito Attack 2019. Getting ready to turn in the rest of Uhaul’s stuff.

Eventually, we got it all loaded and drove away. I had turned in the small trailer earlier in the day and all we had to do was turn in the large truck and auto trailer in the morning. Things were good. We were done and now could look forward to finding a place to live and land to start our farm.