Lobster Roll

Lobster Rolls

After freeing ourselves of all of Uhaul’s equipment we went in search of lunch. A quick search on Google resulted in us going to Nicky’s Cruisin Diner. The parking lot was packed, always a good sign.

The inside was styled like a fast food joint in the 70’s. Booths were appointed with plain bench seats sans cushions and were brightly colored. Everything was clean and kept up. The staff very friendly, like most of the people we encountered in Maine.

Accustomed to a standard traveling regimen of small, light meals the task for me was to find something small but distinctly Maine. I had never had a lobster roll, so it was a must. Steph had a hamburger with fries. They certainly had more sophisticated and fancier fare.

The lobster roll was good. Lots of meat and the potato salad was great as well. Steph’s burger, while very plain as she’s pretty much allergic to everything under the Sun, was awesome. Our experience at Nicky’s was great.

After eating we headed out to I-95 and traveled north to Houlton, Presque Isle and Caribou. We were very excited to be there with all our possessions and starting our new life.