Google, avoid tolls, please.

If you’re traveling on I-90 and Google Maps navigates you through Chicago, just don’t do it. “Avoid Tolls” is your friend. There’s a toll booth every five feet all around Chicago. Especially if you’re not from an area of the country where toll booths are common, like most of the country. Most don’t take cards of any kind. It was ridiculous. There was one time where I paid a few dollars for a toll and a mere two miles down the very same interstate, I had to pay it again. I drove for two minutes and had to pay another toll. It cost around $50 just to drive the Uhaul with trailer around the suburbs of Chicago and get to the other side.

Obviously a car that’s not dragging a trailer would have been cheaper, but you also got to stop, fiddle around with your wallet, have a conversation with a toll booth operator, make change, get back up to speed and then slow down to a stop again two to five miles later just to do it all over again. Also, no cards, so you better have a stack of ones and fives with some coins too. At one point, I had to pull over and Steph gave me cash for the next toll booth. Ridiculous.

You could get EZPass. Go online, get an EZPass account, I believe they send you a box (aka, transponder), mount that in your vehicle and then you’ll be able to fly through the toll booths while they take the money directly out of your account. Fly right through and pay automatically! Not exactly. Most of the time, the EZPass lanes I saw were restricted to 5mph. What the literal fuck….

By the way, this is all on I-90 which is basically a ring road for Chicago. You might see the silhouette of Chicago’s famous skyline from around fifteen miles away. You will see nothing special the whole way. Lame. Just as well, since what you do end up driving through is more like a ramshackle of aging and crappy freeways with high cement walls lining the shoulders on either side. Looked like it was one deep recession away from being Mad Max 5: Thunderdome Resurgence.

I never wanted to be in Indiana so bad.

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