Not all paths are the same.

The date at this point was July 1st, 2019. We had spent the night at the Hotel 6 in The Dalles, OR. While happy for the sleep, we had to get going. By our calculations, there was six days of driving ahead and only nine before turning in the Uhaul. We set out from The Dalles for our next planned overnight stop in Missoula, MT. We tried to do at least six hundred miles a day and we did most times.

Me in a giant Uhaul, box truck with an auto transport trailing behind with Steph’s Mustang. Steph in my dually pickup and dragging a small cargo trailer we rented last minute for my motorcycle. The Uhaul was gasoline powered and underwhelming in performance. My pickup was more than twice as powerful and didn’t I know it!

Eastern WA and OR was the same as always, desolate and brown. We didn’t start seeing trees again till outside of Spokane. The weather was clear and warm. A quick sprint through Spokane, Coeur d’Alene ID, and we were down into Montana. For my money, Montana is the most beautiful state, but I haven’t been to AK or HI. Everything in the big sky state is dramatic, rustic and beautiful. The real West.

Something I noticed while driving were the roadside billboards loaded with anti-abortion, pro-Christian, and pro-Liberty messages. Libtards from Portland would lose their minds reading those things. Eventually, I would understand that with the exception of the coasts themselves, most of the middle of the country aren’t fans of Hollywood, atheists, or weed.

We woke up in Missoula and paid $2.50 a gallon for diesel. Almost a dollar cheaper than the PNW. In fact, fuel was cheaper in every state between Montana and Maine than back in Portland. New York state got close. The bigger the state, the more expensive daily things seemed to be. What happened to economies of scale? I think in poorer areas things may be priced more according to what the market can bear.

We set out for western North Dakota as our overnight stop. Other than some steep hills that slowed the Uhaul down to 35mph, the drive was uneventful through Montana. We got rained on here and there, but nothing too horrible. Lots of semi trucks dragging horse trailers to god knows where.

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