Lock and Load

Since we had sold the house in Washougal, most of our possessions was already in storage. Process took far longer with more effort than I could barely afford. Without the help of good friends, we never would have loaded up the Uhaul in time. An all day, all weekend event of packing loading and dreading.

I’d never trailered anything in my entire life. Now, the time had come to load up a 26′ truck, attach a car hauler with a Mustang on it and drive for 3500 miles into uncertainty. The only thing I could think of was how backing up would be the worst thing in the world to do. As is the case many times, I’d be wrong about that too.

From Saturday morning to Sunday night, there was nothing but frantic packing and loading. By the time Sunday night had come around, we were done and ready for a hotel room. We drove up into a grocery store parking lot nearby, took some pics and used our phones to make a hotel reservation for the night. I said farewell to a good friend who had stayed till the end and we drove off. I couldn’t have been more tired or excited.

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