Let’s Get the Hell Out of Here

We flew back to WA state after three days in Maine. We were sold. Far fewer people than the Portland, OR area and trees or farms as far as the eye could see. Minimum wage was only a dollar less than WA and twenty-five cents less than OR. We could buy a run down house and make mortgage payments in the $400 to $500 a month range. Ridiculously cheap compared to the PNW.

So the plan begins to take shape. After reporting on what we’ve seen about Maine, my mother got excited about moving out of Arizona. Considering her age and who will probably end up looking after her as she gets older, I figured joining forces would be a good idea. I whole-heartedly threw myself into this new plan involving my mom.

Since the property would be in the name of my mother, Steph and I wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining our jobs for a few more months while we go through getting a mortgage on the property in Maine. We could now put in our notices sooner, pack up everything and move it to Maine. After putting everything in storage, Steph and I would drive to Arizona to spend the fall and winter. I would travel with mom by plane and look at the properties she was most interested in.

In order to make the move easier, I was going to leave our three cats with my mom. This meant a separate trip from Vancouver, WA to Phoenix, AZ to deliver the cats, conspire with mom, and get in a quick trip to Maine to look at houses.

The trip to AZ took place but the outcome was comically horrible. After a few days hanging out with my mom and brother, I felt that we had made a mistake. Words were said and emotional damage resulted. I packed up the cats and swore off the entire plan that included mom. Besides, my sister was upset that mom would move so far away from her and the grandkids. Mom was also a frequent babysitter to them. Regardless, dragging my mother so far away was an ever present downside that didn’t sit entirely well with me.

Since we had already put in our notice at work and with the landlord of the apartment, we decided to push on and go forth with a new plan. This one involved moving everything we owned to Maine, find a place to live and then get jobs. Simple, right? Nothing is ever simple.

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