A Word About Kitties…

I’d like to take a moment to explain where the kitties are during this move and how they travel.

Mith, Marie and Moria were living in two collapsible pet kennels in the back seat of the pickup truck. Each kennel had enough room for one pet bed and one cat box. One kennel had Moria and Marie while the other housed Mith, who is about the size of the other two put together. I had two fuzzy blankets to cover the kennels and give them additional privacy.

They did not like the trip. They tolerated it since we were the providers of food and shelter. These three cats handled a twenty-four hour trip to Arizona and another twenty-four hours back just a few days later like total bosses. A bit of whining for food or to clean the litter box, but overall they were real troopers.

This was a strange and scary ordeal for them psychologically. They had to deal with new sounds, sights and smells. They were contained to a very small area for a very long time. Whenever we could, they were given some run around time in a hotel bathroom or appropriate area. Sometimes though, they would spend days in their kennels. The situation totally bummed us out, but the practicalities had to be endured.

More than once, one of them would get car sick. I got into the habit of making sure they were covered up and concealed so they wouldn’t look outside and trigger nausea.

Litter would get everywhere in their kennels and we spent a lot of time at rest stops, Walmart parking lots, and gas stations cleaning out the kennels and feeding the kitties.

At this moment, Mith is chasing a twist tie on floor and the other two are watching. They survived the move to Maine and many weeks later are enjoying much larger accommodations. These cats got stories to tell that is for sure!

In these two pics you can see the size and type of kennel used. We took these pictures at a rest stop after moving them from inside the pickup cab to the bed so their litter could be changed. As you can see Mith is about the size of the other two put together.

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